Louisiana General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form


The Louisiana General (Financial) Power of Attorney is a legal agreement forged between two parties – the “principal”, who requires another party to handle their finances on their behalf, and the “agent” who agrees to abide by the obligations attached to such a responsibility. The form is a favorite among those that will be unavailable for a certain length of time, and want to ensure someone will be available to handle an issue with one of their assets, should one arise.


The agent’s responsibilities can be made as broad or specific as the principal intends. However, being a “general” document, one should use the form for granting more wide-ranging powers (use a limited POA if you only want to grant one or two responsibilities. The document is similar to the durable power of attorney, and only differs in that the durable type does not terminate unless manually revoked, or the principal dies. This general form, on the other hand, will end on its own should the principal be the victim of an accident (or medical event) that leaves them in an incapcitated state of mind.