Massachusetts Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney Form


The Massachusetts Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney is a contract used for giving a person permission to conduct tasks for the owner, buyer, or seller of a property. Landlords can use the form to keep their rental properties running smoothly, it gives home buyers a means of getting a document signed when they’re away on vacation, and can be used to transfer power to a more experienced person for the selling of real estate, to name a few of it’s uses. Specifically, the form provides an individual (called the principal) with the opportunity to establish a legally-binding relationship with another party (the agent) who consents to handle one or more of their real estate affairs for them. In most cases, these affairs will entail the agent leasing, selling, refinancing, renovating, and/or purchasing a piece of real estate on the principal’s behalf. The form is a limited POA, as the powers it grants are narrow by nature. If the principal is looking to have someone their financial affairs as a whole, a general POA should be used.