Massachusetts Revocation of Power of Attorney Form


A Massachusetts Revocation of Power of Attorney terminates the powers granted to an agent through means of a power of attorney. Once the agent receives the revocation (in-person, through the mail, or by another means), they are legally required to give up any and all decision-making powers which were originally bestowed upon them by the principal. The document can be used any time after a POA has been formed. In order for the document to be considered valid, the principal must not have been coerced to execute it. If the principal indeed wishes to execute it, they need to give all parties a copy, which includes the agent, the principal’s attorney (if they were given the original POA), and any family that was given a copy as well.

As dictated by § 5-504 of MA Law, if the principal does not inform the agent that they revoked the POA, the agent is not to be held liable for any decisions they make thereafter (so long they are made in the principal’s best wishes).