Ohio Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

The Ohio Revocation of Power of Attorney is a means of making a written record of a Principal’s revocation of a Power of Attorney in the state of Ohio. While state law is silent on the precise format a revocation should follow, the document provided here clearly and concisely addresses the matter by recording all vital details of the revocation. State law is also silent on the matter of signing requirements for the revocation of most Power of Attorney forms, so it is important that the Principal ascertains whether there are any that relate to their respective form. This can be done by referencing the section below, which also highlights recommendations for a Principal to follow if their form lacks requirements.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Ohio Uniform Commercial Code

Signing Requirements – State law only provides signing requirements for revoking two (2) types of Power of Attorney arrangements, of which have been detailed below:

  • A Power of Attorney involving the conveyance, mortgage, or lease of an interest in real property (§ 1337.05) – In order to revoke a Power of Attorney concerning one or more of the aforementioned affairs, the revocation must be “recorded in the same office in which the instrument containing the power of attorney was recorded.”
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (§ 1337.14) – In order for a Principal to revoke a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, the Principal must express an intention to execute the revocation. The revocation will be effective “upon its communication to the attending physician by the Principal, a witness to the revocation, or other health care personnel to whom the revocation is communicated by such a witness.”

While state law is silent on the matter of revoking all other kinds of Power of Attorney forms, it is advisable that the Principal signs the revocation before a Notary Public and two (2) witnesses.