Pennsylvania Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

Once a Pennsylvania Revocation of Power of Attorney is completed and provided to the respective Agent it serves as notice of the Principal’s decision to revoke a given Power of Attorney. These actions in turn meet the provisions in state law regarding Power of Attorney revocations. Specifically, § 5605 states that “Power of attorney not revoked until notice.” To be clear, this means that the Principal must both a) complete this revocation form b) furnish a copy to their Agent/s. If they do not complete the latter part, the Agent will lawfully be able to continue exercising any powers set forth by the Power of Attorney the Principal wishes to revoke.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Powers of Attorney

Signing Requirements – State law does not specify any signing requirements for a Revocation of Power of Attorney. However, it is strongly advised that in order to ensure the process of revoking a Power of Attorney is conducted in a lawful manner, the Principal follows the general signing requirements stated for a Power of Attorney. That is, in line with § 5601(b), the Principal signs the form before two (2) witnesses and a Notary Public.