Pennsylvania Tax Power of Attorney (Form REV-677 LE)

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The Pennsylvania Tax Power of Attorney (Form REV-677 LE) is an official document issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue that makes it possible for a taxpayer to appoint an Appointee to represent them before any office of the Department for the tax matter(s) they have provided for in the form. Notably, the taxpayer must not only specify the type(s) of tax they wish the Appointee to represent them, but also the purpose of authorizing them to do so. The taxpayer should keep in mind that if their Appointee is not an attorney, certified public accountant or enrolled agent, additional signing requirements must be upheld (of which are noted below).

Signing requirements: The taxpayer and the appointee must sign the document. If Power of Attorney is granted to a person other than an 1) attorney, 2) certified public accountant, 3) or enrolled agent, the taxpayer’s signature must be witnessed by two (2) witnesses OR notarized.