Tennessee Tax Power of Attorney (Form RV-F0103801)

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Designating a Representative to carry out tax matters on their behalf before the Tennessee Department of Revenue is an undemanding process. All a taxpayer needs to do is file a Tennessee Tax Power of Attorney (Form RV-F0103801) with the Department. To complete the form the taxpayer must:

  • Provide relevant information about themselves and their Representative,
  • Indicate the tax matters they want to authorize their Representative to handle,
  • Sign and date it.

Their Representative is also required to make a declaration and sign the form.

Signing requirements: The state’s dept. of revenue requires both the taxpayer and their designated representative to sign the document.


Mailing the Form

Once the form is completed, the taxpayer can simply mail the form to the Department using the address provided on the bottom of the form. The address is as follows:

Tennessee Department of Revenue
Andrew Jackson Office Building
500 Deaderick Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37242