Alaska Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

Download the Alaska Month-to-Month Lease Agreement, a short-term lease agreement for tenants that don’t want to be bound by a long-term contract. According to § 34.03.290 of Alaska Law, the landlord or tenant can terminate the periodic contract with at least thirty (30) days before the rent is due. The trade-off for having a short-term contract is that the landlord can increase prices, evict the tenant (for essentially any reason), or change the terms of the contract after each monthly term is up.

State Laws

Landlord-Tenant Laws: §§ 34.03.010 to 34.03.360

Security Deposit Limit (§ 34.03.070(a)): Cannot exceed two (2) months’ rent. Exception: The monthly rent is equal to or greater than $2,000 / month.

Notice to Terminate (§ 34.03.290(b)): Thirty (30) day notice from either the landlord or tenant.

Raising Rent: Landlords need to provide tenants with a minimum notice of thirty (30) days prior to raising the rent.

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