Nebraska Rental Application


The Nebraska Rental Application is a comprehensive form that gives landlords a means of completing the tenant-screening process without the use of additional forms (except those relating to running background checks). The form provides an in-depth look into the applicant’s financial situation, employment status, and rental history, giving those that manage property a relatively easy decision as to whether the prospective tenant should be permitted to enter into a lease.

As with any profession, avoiding any possibility of discrimination should be a priority. Rental applications are an area of property management that need to be consistent and fair in every sense. By both writing down set criteria applicants must pass for being approved, as well as issuing the same agreement for every applicant, landlords can go a long way in reducing bias.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: None; no fee limits exist for NE.

Security Deposits (§ 76-1416): Landlords cannot request a security deposit in excess of one (1) months’ rent. An additional pet deposit of one fourth (1/4) of one months’ rent can be requested in applicable situations. Once the lease has ended, landlords have fourteen (14) days to return the security deposit or a portion of the deposit (if any). If a portion of the deposit is kept, a list containing all damages must be included with the remaining deposit.

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