Florida State Tax Power of Attorney (Form DR-835)

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The Florida State Tax Power of Attorney (Form DR-835) is provided by the Florida Department of Revenue to nominate a tax representative (or other entity) to view, calculate, file, and handle all confidential tax matters pertaining to a Florida resident. Taxpayers have the right to not only elect their own representative (so long as they comply with the criteria the department sets out), but also to specify which tax matters they require their representative to act on their behalf.

The form does not have to be completed if the tax representative is (or accompanied by) an employee of the taxpayer, a corporate officer, an administrator, an executor of an estate, or a trustee, according to the instructions that are attached to the form. If the principal would like to receive all written communications from the Department of Revenue in addition to, or in replacement of the representative, check the applicable box in Section 6 of the form.


Signing Requirements: Form DR-835 must be signed and dated the taxpayer (and spouse if filing jointly) and their representative(s).

Mailing Information: If the form is to be used for reemployment tax matters, and the principal has completed section four (4) of the document, it should be faxed to [850-488-5997] or mailed to the Florida Dept. of Revenue. Their address is the following:

P.O. Box 6510
Tallahassee, FL 32314-6510