Missouri Tax Power of Attorney (Form 2827)


The Missouri Department of Revenue is in charge of processing any Power of Attorney applications connected to tax matters in the state. They have endeavored to make the process as fuss-free as possible for taxpayers through the provision of the Missouri Tax Power of Attorney (Form 2827). This form contains both fields for the taxpayer to provide information, as well as options to choose from to indicate their Power of Attorney preferences. Once they have completed all mandatory sections of the form, the taxpayer must mail it to the relevant address for filing. (N.B. the Department has provided different mailing addresses for different types of tax).

Signing requirements: The following information must be included on the form:

  1. Printed name, title (if applicable), signature, date, and phone number of the taxpayer(s); and the
  2. Printed name, signature, date, designation, and title of each representative.