Rhode Island Tax Power of Attorney (Form RI-2848)

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If a taxpayer has decided that it is in their best interests to be represented before the State of Rhode Island, Division of Taxation by another party, they must apply for this arrangement to be approved using a Rhode Island Tax Power of Attorney (Form RI-2848). Issued by the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, the form lets a taxpayer indicate which matters they want the Attorney-in-Fact to handle. Taxpayers should note that there is a section of the form in which they must indicate which acts they do not want to grant authority to their Agent to handle.

Signing requirements: Must be signed and dated by the taxpayer. A corporate officer, partner, or fiduciary may sign on behalf of the taxpayer, but they must certify that they authority to do so. The appointed Power of Attorney must also sign the form, of whom must be an attorney, certified public accountant, licensed public accountant, or enrolled agent.