Texas Tax Power of Attorney | Form 01-137

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The Texas Tax Power of Attorney (Form 01-137) is a form used for assigning an agent, who can be an accountant, tax preparer, attorney, or other representative with the power to act on a person’s behalf in regards to tax matters. The form, which is a type of limited POA, is the official document provided by the Comptroller of Public Accounts and complies with all requirements as stated in § 111.023 of the state tax code.

All taxpayers that are looking to give another person or entity access to their tax matters must complete Form 01-137, as tax matters are highly confidential information and cannot be distributed by other means. The taxpayer can choose to give their representative up eight (8) unique powers as provided in the form, as well as list any other powers that are not included on the form. If the taxpayer needs to terminate the POA after putting it into effect, they can do so for any reason, at any time, using a revocation form.


In order to complete the form, the taxpayer will need to enter the following information:

  • Full legal name
  • Texas taxpayer number (11 digits)
  • Signature + date
  • Phone number (with area code)
  • Full address
  • Title (if applicable)
  • Email address

Signing Requirements: To be valid in the state of Texas, the taxpayer needs to legibly sign and date the form.