Texas Tax Power of Attorney (Form 01-137)

The Texas Tax Power of Attorney (Form 01-137) is a form that is compliant with relevant statutory requirements in the state i.e. Sec. 111.023 of the Texas Tax Code. These requirements demand that a taxpayer must provide written authorization if they wish for a Power of Attorney arrangement to be accepted by the Comptroller of Public Accounts, which is the executive branch in charge of taxes in Texas. Provided by the Comptroller, the form essentially permits a taxpayer to authorize another party, called their Agent, to represent them and act on their behalf in order to attend to their taxation matters. The form gives taxpayers the option of selecting from several acts they would like their Agent to begin handling for them.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Texas Tax Code Sec. 111.023

Signing Requirements – The Comptroller of Public Accounts Texas requires the taxpayer to sign the Form 01-137.