Locksmith Invoice Template


locksmith invoice is a written bill that delineates the amount of money a person (or company) owes a locksmith for the services they provided. The form is given to the customer immediately after the requested tasks have been completed. It is up to the locksmith whether they allow the client to pay at a future date, or upon receiving the invoice. The industry standard is to collect immediately, as this avoids having accounts receivables build up.

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What Services do Locksmiths Provide?

At first glance, you might just think that locksmiths unlock doors and copy keys, but they offer many more services than that, and they work with commercial businesses as well as private homes. Some services, like high-security locks and safe installation, can be offered to private homes as well as businesses. Some services are pigeon-holed for one or the other.

There are several occasions where a private residence would need to hire a locksmith. A locksmith could install a lock in a door or window, or replace a key that has been lost. Locksmiths could also duplicate keys if you are interested in having a spare set.  In some instances, you may need to call a locksmith to let you into your house or car if you have locked yourself out.

As far as businesses, locksmiths can install locks or rekey office doors, but they also offer more technical services such as electronic access installation and the installation of crash bars. As the world of technology advances, electronic access gets more sophisticated, and a good locksmith can keep your company up to date. Locksmiths are vital, as these safety features offer an added layer of security to businesses, as well as a quick escape in case of emergency.

How to Become a Locksmith

There are several steps you should take to become a locksmith. First of all, attend a training program for locksmiths in your area. This class will give you the basics of the job, and often the class will offer your first set of locksmith tools as well.

Depending on the state you live in, you will be required to be certified. Although not every state requires this, it is always a good idea to achieve certification as you are starting out. It never hurts to be overqualified in this line of work! The Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) governs these certifications and decisions, and contacting the local branch of the ALOA is a good place to start if you are seeking classes or certification in locksmithing. There are several categories of locksmiths, Certified Professional Locksmiths and Certified Master Locksmiths, and ALOA will help you understand the difference between them, as well as the requirements.

After obtaining your training and certification, working as an apprentice with a locksmith in your area will offer you the on-the-job training you need in order to make a career as a locksmith. You may be content to work for an established company, or you may eventually want to branch out on your own and develop your own company. If this is the case, business classes along with your locksmith certification will help you reach your dreams of becoming a business owner.

How to Price Locksmith Services

Although many service industries charge by the hour, locksmiths generally get paid by the service call. In 2020, the typical service call costs between 75 and 150 dollars to start. Specific services can be added to that fee.

Locksmiths are often called to assist with car lock problems. When considering your vehicle, calls to unlock your car are on the low end of the pricing scale, while keyless fob replacement will be on the high end of this scale.

As far as your house goes, key duplication generally costs between 1-10 dollars, while replacing your house key entirely will set you back 50-100 dollars. If you need a locksmith to drill your door to install a new lock, this will cost somewhere between 95-150 dollars.

Service calls vary depending on the state you live in, but one thing that is guaranteed is if the service call is after hours, you will be charged more. Rates might be higher, but if you are desperate to get back in your house, you will probably be okay with paying slightly higher fees.

Using the services of a locksmith will certainly save the day if you are locked out or if your current locks are not safe.

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