Colorado Limited Power of Attorney Form

A Colorado limited power of attorney (POA) is a form that allows a Colorado resident to appoint someone they personally know and trust (called the “agent”) to handle one or more responsibilities in their absence. The person completing the form is known as the “principal” in both the contract and state law. Once completed, the tasks assigned in the POA can be carried out by the agent.

Signing Requirements (§ 15-14-705): In order to be valid, the POA must be signed by 1) the principal, and 2) a notary public.


How Long Does Limited Power of Attorney Last?

A limited POA is not long-lasting. Its duration is much shorter than a general POA or medical POA. This is mainly because it is used for highly specific tasks. The principal will include the instructions in the document, and the agent’s role is to fulfill the requests. Once the duties have been completed, the limited POA ends.

The contract can also end if it reaches its expiration. It is recommended that the principal complete a Colorado revocation form, even if the tasks are finished or the form expires. Filling it out ensures that the agent no longer has power.

Unlike a durable POA, a limited POA ends if the principal is unable to make decisions for themselves or passes away (§ 15-14-710).