Colorado Limited (Special) Power of Attorney Form

The Colorado Limited (Special) Power of Attorney allows a Colorado resident to appoint someone they personally know and trust (called the agent) to handle one or more responsibilities in their absence. The person completing the form is known as the “principal” in both the contract and state law. Once completed, the POA gives the principal peace of mind in knowing a task that would otherwise need their presence (signing a form, for example), can be carried out by the agent they nominated. Unlike more general POAs, the limited POA contains highly specific conditions that limit the agent’s ability to the area in which they’ve been asked to assist with.

Once the agent has gone about completing their duties for the principal, the form should be revoked. In order to be sure the contract is officially terminated, the principal should go about completing (and sending) a revocation POA to all parties included in the original contract.

Signing Requirements (§ 15-14-705): In order to be valid, the POA must be signed by 1) the principal, and 2) a notary public.