Colorado Revocation of Power of Attorney Form


A Principal who wishes to terminate an active Power of Attorney should execute a Colorado Revocation of Power of Attorney. While some POA forms specify the circumstances in which it will terminate, if the principal does not wish to wait for such circumstances to transpire, they can end the POA at any time by completing and signing this form. In other words, this form may be employed to revoke a POA previously executed by the principal. This is notable because as § 15-14-710 states, the execution of a new POA does not revoke a previously executed POA.

Notification of Revocation: It is very important the principal notify their agent and any other persons or institutions that originally received a copy of the POA of the revocation. If the agent does not become made aware of the termination and they continue acting as the agent (so long it is in-line with their duties), they will not be liable for any actions taken on behalf of the principal.