Colorado Tax Power of Attorney | Form DR-0145


The Colorado State Tax Power of Attorney (Form DR 0145) is the official form for allocating a tax representative (also known as the “designee”) with permission to handle a person’s tax-related affairs. Created by the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR), the form allows for the selection of one (1) of two (2) main options:

  1. it allows the DOR to share confidential tax information to the designee, OR
  2. it assigns a person (of the taxpayer’s choosing) to act as their representative, allowing the designee to both collect confidential information and make decisions on behalf of the taxpayer.

Those looking to form such an agreement must fill out form DR-0145 specifically – they cannot draft their own. As noted in the form, if the designee is given full power, they will be permitted to complete such tasks as preparing, signing, executing, filing, and inspecting returns and reports.

Signing Requirements: The form needs to be signed by the taxpayer, their spouse (if filing jointly), and the representative.

  • Once the form is completed, it needs to be sent to the applicable DOR office. More information can be found online at the Department of Revenue home page.
  • The form will remain in effect indefinitely unless the principal formally 1) revokes it via a revocation, or 2) completes and files a new tax POA.