South Carolina Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney Form


The South Carolina Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney is a written legal tool that leaves no doubt in the minds of the parties involved of their respective roles and duties. That is to say, the document should clearly state the manner in which an individual (a party known as the Principal) wishes for the individual or entity they want to represent them (a party known as the Principal’s Agent or Attorney-in-Fact) whenever they take on certain real estate tasks for them. The tasks may involve the purchase, sale, lease, or any other matter related to the Principal’s present or future property.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – South Carolina Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements (§ 62-8-105) – To fulfill state signing requirements, the Principal must check that the following three (3) criteria have been met:

  1. They have signed the Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney form,
  2. Two (2) witnesses were present, and
  3. The form is attested “with the same formality and with the same requirements as to witnesses as a will in South Carolina.”