Wisconsin Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

The Wisconsin Real Estate Power of Attorney Form is a legal document, that once completed and signed, gives the agent selected by the principal the ability to complete certain real estate tasks on their behalf. Such tasks can include selling, buying, and transferring real estate. The form acts similar to a normal limited POA, but differs in that it is geared specifically towards residential or commercial property.

The form references the person handling the tasks as the “Agent”. Legal professionals often refer to this person as the “Attorney-in-Fact” although the terms go hand-in-hand. The form also includes a section for witnesses to affirm the contract. Although included in the form, this is NOT required by Wisconsin law.

Signing requirements (§ 244.05) – The principal’s signature has to be notarized. This can be done in person (at a bank or post office) or with a service like Notarize.com.