Wisconsin Revocation of Power of Attorney Form (for Finances)


The Wisconsin Revocation of Power of Attorney is a form provided by CWAG “Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups” to render any active financial POAs as invalid. It is a simple two (2) page packet that must be completed and signed by the principal, who will then need to provide it to their agent and any 3rd parties that received a copy of the original power of attorney.

  • The circumstances the Power of Attorney addresses are no longer relevant,
  • Their Agent has effectively fulfilled the duties detailed in the Power of Attorney, and 
  • Their Agent has failed to adequately fulfill their obligations.

Why use a Revocation of POA?

A principal may need to revoke an existing POA because:

  • They want to change/alter an existing section within the POA;
  • They are unsatisfied with how the agent is carrying out their decisions;
  • The agent(s) are not performing their designated task(s);
  • The agent is no longer available/passed away (and no secondary agent was assigned);
  • The agent is abusing their power(s).