Wisconsin Tax Power of Attorney (Form A-222)

The Wisconsin Tax Power of Attorney (Form A-222) is a form issued by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for allowing taxpayers to give preparers and other professionals permission to file their taxes. Once the one (1) page form is complete, the taxpayer has to send/deliver the form to their selected agent, who will retain the form as proof they have the right to conduct the task(s) as listed in the form.

Note: if a taxpayer wants to nominate a different tax representative, they can do so by completing an additional Form A-222 and filing per the requirements stated on the form.


Signing Requirements

Signing requirements: The form must be signed by the taxpayer. Depending on whether the taxpayer is an individual, partnership, or corporation, there are different requirements, as outlined below:

  1. Individuals: If a joint return is involved and both husband and wife will be represented by the same
    individual(s), both spouses must sign the form. If they are to be represented by different individuals, each spouse should complete their own form.
  2. Partnerships: All partners must sign unless one partner is authorized to act in the name of the partnership.
  3. Corporation, trust, estate, or any other entity: A corporate officer or person having authority to bind the entity must sign.