Wisconsin Tax Power of Attorney (Form A-222)

The Wisconsin Tax Power of Attorney (Form A-222) is a form issued by the The Wisconsin Department of Revenue that the Department requires “in order for the taxpayer’s Representative to perform certain acts on behalf of the taxpayer and to receive and inspect certain tax information.” In other words, it is mandatory for any taxpayer who wishes to elect another party to be their Representative to deal with tax matters for them to complete this Form A-222. Given that it is a total of seven parts, this form may appear to be complex to complete. However, all of the parts are all contained within just one (1) page, and some of them may not even need to be completed depending on the taxpayer’s circumstances.

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Uniform Power of Attorney for Finances and Property

Signing Requirements – Simply put, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue requires the taxpayer to sign Form A-222 (a signature stamp will not be accepted by the Department). More specifically, the Department has different requirements depending on whether the taxpayer is an individual, partnership, or corporation. These can be found on the instructions attached to the form, of which have been reproduced below:

  1. Individuals: If a joint return is involved and both husband and wife will be represented by the same
    individual(s), both spouses must sign the Power of Attorney. If they are to be represented by different individuals, each spouse may execute his or her own Power of Attorney.
  2. Partnerships: All partners must sign unless one partner is authorized to act in the name of the partnership.
  3. Corporation, trust, estate, or any other entity: A corporate officer or person having authority to bind the entity must sign.