Wyoming Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney Form


Delegating real estate tasks to another party is a legal process that must be initiated via the creation of a Wyoming Real Estate (Property) Power of Attorney. The law stands to protect the rights of both the individual who has tasks they wish to delegate (the Principal) and the individual or entity who agrees to carry these tasks out on their behalf (the Agent). As such, in the eyes of the law, this contract is the legal instrument by which this can best be achieved. The tasks and any relevant circumstances the Principal notes in this Power of Attorney can either be general (e.g. the Agent must manage the Principal’s rental property) or more specific (e.g. the Agent must check on the Principal’s rental dwelling if ever they are unable to do so themselves).

State Laws & Signing Requirements

State Laws – Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Signing Requirements (§ 3-9-105) – All Principals to Real Estate Power of Attorneys fall under the same signing requirements stated by § 3-9-105 of Wyoming’s Uniform Power of Attorney Act. That is, each and every Principal to this type of Power of Attorney is obligated to not only sign the contract, but also to acknowledge this signature before a party authorized to accept acknowledgements.